Custom Handrailing Designs

Custom Handrailing Designs

An essential aspect of the creation of any staircase is the development of the railing. Oftentimes the first thing that people notice about your stairs, the railing can be customized in endless ways to accent your home’s interior design style. Much more than just a decorative accent, the stair railing you choose to incorporate into your custom designed staircase is also an important safety feature for family members and guests in your home. Especially helpful for young children and elderly individuals making their way up and down, a steady railing is a must.

Residential Handrailing Designs

Custom handrails can be created and installed in many different fashions. When deciding how to anchor your handrails, keep in mind there are different options you can choose from. You can mount your handrail directly onto glass railings, top mount them to your railings or posts, or just wall mount them. No matter which elements you choose for your design, you can achieve the look you desire with your custom handrails.

Stairway Railing Ideas

Custom handrails can also be made in different shapes from round, squared, to flat-bar handrails. Flat-bar custom handrails can be chosen in many different finishes. Some of the most popular choices are brushed stainless steel, mirror polished, or matte black. Flat-bar handrails are perfect for achieving a modern or contemporary design.

Custom Handrails in Commercial Spaces

When designing custom handrails for commercial spaces, there are specific building codes that we must abide by. We always make sure to incorporate these building codes into our designs without compromising the overall aesthetic. One of these requirements, as per Florida Building Code, is for there to be a handrail on both sides of the staircase. This requirement is to ensure proper safety for traffic flow when people travel on both sides of the staircase.


We understand that budgets are crucial and must be met. We work closely with each and every owner, to understand your needs and assist in meeting budgets. Functionality and safety are central to each and every design we create, regardless of price. Sawdust Staircases is here to build you the best in custom designs and installation.


Our fully-insured status will also give you peace of mind. Home owners that hire uninsured workers risk serious money if an injury or property damage takes place. Some insurance companies also deny claims once they discover that uninsured workers were involved. When you hire Sawdust Staircases, we make the entire process as stress-free as possible.


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